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Mai Kasahara is a painter born in Saitama, Japan, in 1984. 

She now lives and works in the Paris region.


Her creative instinct began to manifest itself at the age of 2 in classical ballet. 

As a dancer, she was able to express herself in many countries (USA, Australia, Japan). 

Following the end of her career and a stint in the world of fashion, she decided to follow a dream: to discover France, and Paris in particular. 

After a few months, driven by her artistic sensibility, she decided to embark on her own artistic creation.


In 2015, she joined the 59 Rivoli collective. 

A collective that saw her grow up, experiment and meet her first collectors. 

Self-taught and meticulous, she takes the time to learn, to take on board her personal history and her travels to create work that reflects her, work that is as colourful as it is evocative of the roots of the world, of its harmony.


Over the years, exhibitions in Europe (Florence, Pisa, Amsterdam, Prague), residencies (Argentina, Japan) and encounters with numerous collectors sketched the outlines of a new life, a new career. 

The year 2022 was one of new experiences, a first solo exhibition in Paris (Galerie Grand E'terna, Paris 8e) then a second in Japan (Atelier 485, Tokyo). 


Today, she creates in her personal atelier in Vincennes, where she continues to develop her pictorial research, and to carry out commissions for her collectors, mainly in the United States, Italy and Japan.









Artistic approach

Our cultural roots are our heritage. Through my practice, I celebrate the identity of different regions of the world. 


I believe that traditions have a soul that accompanies us. 

My creations, strongly inspired by my many travels and life experience, are my interpretation of this spirit. 


Influenced by Aboriginal art, my work embodies my desire to transcend our senses, to appropriate our fundamental origins. 

A holistic, dreamlike vision of the world we live in.


The technique of pointillism combined with abstract forms and figures enables me to convey this energy, because it is a work of great contemplation that is a kind of meditation.


Using and mixing paints for ceramics, stained glass or porcelain, with their unique characteristics that are no longer those of traditional painting, opens up new avenues for creation.  Their qualities and light invite the eye to look differently, to push back the boundaries of the imagination.


My art work style is also influenced by artists such as Kiyoshi Yamashita and Antoni Gaudí. 

The former for his ability to create, from memory, landscapes from his travels using delicately glued origami. 

The latter for his mosaics, which seem outside reality and time, in praise of organic forms and natural structures.


Born of my mixed identity sensitivities to the cultural roots of peoples, in an animist worldview, my art aspires to create an experience that connects human beings to their own cultural and spiritual heritage. 


It aims to inspire wonder and reflection through an aesthetic that suggests, or seems to contain, something that it draws from our roots.















Find me

Galerie Grand E'terna

3 Rue de Miromesnil 75008 Paris France

01 42 65 14 46

Galerie Grand E'terna


Online boutique

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